Let’s Launch Your Beautiful Biz

Congratulations!! You are about to embark on an epic journey with doTERRA!

This business is incredibly simple - we use oils, we share oils and we teach others to do the same. The core actions and steps to success in a doTERRA business are called ‘PIPES’ which stands for Prepare, Invite, Present, Enrol and Support.

doTERRA has provided all of the resources you need to learn and implement the PIPES - we recommend a 6 week ‘Launch’ where the intention is to build your beautiful business to the rank of Elite (3,000 overall volume). This involves 2 weeks of preparation and then the Launch month.

Elite is the foundation of the doTERRA compensation plan, our Leadership ranks of Silver, Platinum, Diamond and Presidential Diamond are all based on helping other people in our team to reach Elite. Once you know how to reach the rank of Elite then you can help others in your team to do the same.

To get started please follow the 3 steps below…

Step 1: Download ‘Your Beautiful Biz - Launch Checklist’ & the Empowered Success Guides below.


Step 2: Watch this video ‘Be a Voice’ by Double Diamond doTERRA Leader, Ange Peters

Step 3 (the most important step!): Check in with your enroller/mentor to Schedule your Launch Month and create your action plan!


Nature’s Solutions Class Flyer

Please add the Empower Kit to your next LRP order in the doTERRA back office ($30AUD for 30 flyers, class invites + 10x 5ml Wild Orange). This electronic copy can be printed off until your hard copies arrive in your next order.