Empowered Success Bootcamp

The tools you need - put them to work for you

Welcome to the Empowered Success BOOTCAMP! This is a self-led, self-directed video series designed to teach you what you need to know in order to HIRE these TOOLS to do the work of sharing, teaching, and building doTERRA for you. These BEAUTIFUL materials have been created for EVERYONE, from the person who just wants to know more about doTERRA and their oils, to the person working hard to build a business with doTERRA. They can be downloaded and printed from your back office, (see the photo below for where to find them) or added to your LRP and delivered to your door for an extremely affordable and cost effective price. They're simple to understand and use, and duplicatable to pass on to others who want to put them to use for themselves. This training system is PROVEN to help grow a person through the ranks of doTERRA - reaching and blowing through their goals to amazing success.

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So what do you hope to get out of this training? As you think about this, write it down, and revisit this question after you've completed the training. You might find that it has answered every question, but just in case, be sure to share any additional questions with your mentor or enroller, and let them know that you've walked through this training to utilise these incredible resources!


Healthy Can Be Simple - AU VERSION COMING SOON!

Start by grabbing your "Healthy Can Be Simple" guide. Have it in your hands, familiarise yourself with it, and then take a look at this video. (password: success)

Now that you've watched it, I'm curious to know... what situations would you see yourself using this in?


Next grab your copy of the Nature's Solutions tear sheet. Look through it as you learn how to make it work for you when sharing during a class or a one-on-one... watch it's training video here. (password: success) After you've watched it, it might be a good idea to find someone to practice some role playing with to help you get comfortable using it with others.

Live Guide

Time to grab your Live guide! You know the drill... follow along with it, and find its training video here! (password: success)

A follow-up Lifestyle Overview is a CRUCIAL STEP in the life of your wholesale customer. It's the place to calm the overwhelm and begin holding their hand as they take their first steps into learning the doTERRA way of wellness. Empower them to equip themselves with "a book and a box" and you'll find that they'll go from taking those first few steps into a full on run in no time.

Share Guide

Once a person is engaged in the doTERRA lifestyle, it will be no time before they're talking about them with their own friends and family. It's important to stay connected with them and even ask for opportunities to help them share with others as well. Learn more about how to use the Share guide to help them make the most out of their sharing efforts by watching here. (password: success)

Build Guide

The next step after someone shares doTERRA is to educate them on how the business structure of doTERRA works, to help them be informed of how to get the best out of the opportunity, and even help them know how far they want to go! Check out the Building training video. (password: success)

Launch Guide

Growing through the different levels of doTERRA is such a wonderfully exciting journey. And you'll know exactly how to walk your own builders through it by using this Launch Guide. Learn more about it by watching here. (password: success)

You did it! We hope you've enjoyed walking through the elements of the Empowered Success paperwork. This is the FIRST STEP of you launching your doTERRA journey. Whatever path you choose to take, we're excited to walk along with you. If there is ANYTHING you didn't understand or have further questions about, please reach out to your mentor or enroller. Your success is their success, and we all know that with the right tools, together we can accomplish amazing things!